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The Series 704 architectural sliding door is a high performance internal sliding commercial door offering up to 4 panels in each direction.

Key Features

    • This high-performance sliding door has been tested for compliance with the relevant Australian Standards and achieved a very high water resistance of 450Pa.

    • The extra strong multi-hollow meeting stiles allow large sliding doors to be fabricated in high wind load areas.
    • There is a large variety of door combinations possible including: XF, FX, FXF, FXXF, XXF, FX and FXXXXF
    • The door is compatible with the high-performance Series 406 606 (single glazed) and 426/626 (double glazed) Front GLAZE framing. ™ The head and jamb sections have an additional weather leg to ensure that junctions between doors and fixed sidelights/highlights maintain the high water resistance.
    • Doors can be fitted with surface mounted deadlock, mortice lock or multi point mortice lock.
    • Our architectural sliding door runs on heavy-duty double bogey wheel carriages. The key to a silent running door is to match the wheel diameter to the running track. This shares the dead load across the track. This is why our doors slide smooth and quiet. If required, the height of the wheel can be adjusted from the edge of the panel with a standard ‘Phillips’ screwdriver.
    • Variety of bottom rail and mid rail sizes are available and tall, square bottom rail is standard.
    • Custom aluminium sub-sills with built-in anti blow-back drainage hole cover flap are always fitted under Slide MASTER sliding doors™.
    • Door panels will accept glass up to 13.52mm thick single glazed or 20mm and 24mm double glazed IGU’s using special rails and stiles.
    • Thresholds and snap-in flat filler ensure that the clean looks are maintained.
    • These doors can also be fitted with concealed roller screens or sliding fly doorsSubject to individual site conditions - Contact Nu-Look Technical Support for information.
    • Subject to individual site conditions.
    architectural 704
    • Maximum panel height -  3000mm
    • Maximum panel width -  2500mm
    • Maximum glass thickness -  24mm
    • WERS rated product
    • Enhanced acoustic performance
    • 3D and 2D CAD files for product
    • Specifier assistance available
    series 704 sub frame

    704 Architectural Sliding Door

    A unique, self- draining sub sill is a prominent and innovative feature of the 704 range.

    series 704 rails

    704 Architectural Sliding Door

    Tall, small, bevelled and square rails are all available options on this high-quality architectural sliding door range.

    series 704 flush sill

    704 Architectural Sliding Door

    The sills can be installed flush between internal and external for a superb fit and finish.

    series 704 support

    704 Architectural Sliding Door

    A central support leg in the sub sill provides more than adequate additional support for heavier doors.

    series 704 stiffness

    704 Architectural Sliding Door

    The rails can be stiffened where high wind loads may be an issue.

    series 704 drainage

    704 Architectural Sliding Door

    It is also available with specialised sill drainage options, so please contact us at Nu-Look technical support for more information on the varying options.

    Typical door configurations

    architectural door options

    The table below lists some of the WERS rated glass and frame combinations for this system. 

    architectural chart
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