ThermalHEART™ bi-fold door supplied and installed in Western Australia


thermal bifold


Series 831 is a top-hung thermally broken commercial bi-fold door ideal for commercial or high-end residential applications.

Key Features

    • This top hung commercial bi-fold door system has been designed to go into Centre GLAZE™ and Front GLAZE™ framing.
    • Frames can also be fabricated with 17mm Slimline jambs.
    • 50mm Thick door panel accepts thick glass and can achieve large panel sizes.
    • Framing and doors can be supplied in dual colour option with a different colour inside to out.
    • Wide door stiles accept 40mm back set locks that allow easier access to the lock cylinder.
    • The standard locks for Series 831 are lever compression locks with ICON™ 316 stainless steel furniture.
    • AWS Centor™ twin stainless steel roller bearings running in heavy-duty dual overhead tracks. The E3 rollers will support panels up to 80Kg.
    • Rollers and pivots can he height adjusted as required.
    • Top and bottom pivots (jamb hinges) can be adjusted horizontally if required.
    • There is a variety of sill options to choose from. Weather resisting through to recessed sill channel.
    • Heavy-duty door joinery spigots with matching backing plates.
    • Extra deep glazing beads designed to give 12mm glass bite and 15mm glass cover with 4mm installation/ fabrication tolerance.
    • True French meeting stiles for type BFD3+1 door.
    • Door rails nest into stiles to conceal assembly joints.
    • Custom injection moulded nylon door stile end caps-bolt guides.
    • Nailing fin frame and sub-sill option available for residential installations.
    • Thermally broken sub-sill maintaining the thermal break.
    • Doors will accept glass up to 28mm thick.
    • This bi-fold door will accept Centor roller fly doors on the inside if required to a maximum screen size 3200mm x 7600mm.
    bifold diagram
    • Maximum panel height -  3000mm
    • Maximum panel width -  1000mm
    • Maximum panel weight - 80kg
    • Maximum glass thickness -  28mm
    • Enhanced acoustic performance
    • Specifier assistance available
    Subject to individual site conditions - Contact Nu-Look Technical Support for information.
    series 831 adjustable hinge

    831 ThermalHEART Bi-fold Door

    The outstanding quality ThermalHEART™ bi-fold door can adjust the hinges sideways with the ability to be adjusted up and down for head and sill clearances, it is a highly versatile installation for a diverse range of applications.

    series 831 top hung

    831 ThermalHEART Bi-fold Door

    The top hung rollers are designed to carry heavy panels up to 80kg.

    series 831 roller adjust

    831 ThermalHEART Bi-fold Door

    The roller height can also be adjusted with a flat screwdriver.

    series 831 heavy duty head

    831 ThermalHEART Bi-fold Door

    The bi-parting configuration allows them to nest snugly in the custom heavy-duty head. 

    series 831 bolt

    831 ThermalHEART Bi-fold Door

    The door is supplied with a matching custom 316 stainless steel ICON bolt activator.

    Typical door configurations

    bifold configuration

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