The ThermalHEART™ sliding door installed in Western Australia


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The Designer Series ThermalHEART sliding™ door system offers excellent thermal performance and stacking door configurations of up to 4 panels in each direction. The clean, bold frame design gives a modern aesthetic and integrated screening options are available.

Key Features

    • Series 731 incorporates ThermalHEART™ technology giving a true wide thermal break between the outside and inside faces. WERS (Window Energy Rating System) data shows that using the same IGU in a ThermalHEART awning™ is 32% more efficient than a standard non-thermally broken window.
    • A major advantage with ThermalHEART™ in cold climates is the reduction in internal condensation. ThermalHEART™ is also suitable for hot climates.
    • ThermalHEART™ will accept insulating glass units up to 32mm thick. The typical IGU thickness is 24mm.
    • We offer ThermalHEART™ in a range of stocked colours including dual colour Clear MIST™.
    • The door panels run on heavy-duty double bogey wheels as standard.
    • For the ultimate finish, the perimeter frame has snap-in flat fillers to close off all unwanted recesses. These fillers are isolated to prevent thermal transmission from inside to outside.
    • The flat sill is ideal for recessing into the floor finish.
    • This sliding door has been tested for compliance with the relevant Australian Standards and achieved a high water resistance of 300Pa; this makes the product suitable for most residential applications. We also tested the maximum size door panels and ran them through to destruction to make sure.
    • Low air infiltration suitable for air-conditioned buildings.
    • The extra strong door stiles allow large door panels to be fabricated.
    thermalheart 731
    • Maximum panel height -  2640mm
    • Maximum panel width -  1550mm
    • Maximum glass thickness -  32mm
    • WERS rated product
    • Enhanced acoustic performance
    • 3D and 2D CAD files for product
    • Specifier assistance available
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    series 731 thermal break

    731 ThermalHEART Sliding Door

    One of the key features of the ThermalHEART sliding door is the innovative thermal breakthrough frame and on the flat filler. The frame is also available in a dual colour finish.

    series 731 sill

    731 ThermalHEART Sliding Door

    The door sill can be completely recessed into the floor and for the ultimate finish you can fit a recessed gutter on the outside and a retractable roller screen on the inside.

    series 731 roller

    731 ThermalHEART Sliding Door

    These heavy doors are supported on custom double bogey wheels that are designed to support double glazed panels up to 150kg in weight.

    series 618 lock

    731 ThermalHEART Sliding Door

    Sturdy ICON™ heavy-duty bold pull handles with mortice lock are fitted for ease of operation.

    series 731 miro lock

    731 ThermalHEART Sliding Door

    MIRO pull™ handles with mortice lock offer the peace of mind security that our discerning clients seek.

    Typical door configurations

    thermalheart configurations

    WERS rated

    The table below lists some of the WERS rated glass and frame combinations for this system. For a complete list of all rated glass and frame combinations refer to the Series 731 WERS Data Sheet.
    thermalheart chart
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