Commercial Double Hung Window

Commercial double hung window expertly installed in Western Australia


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Key features

    • Vertical sliding double-hung sashes inlaid directly into commercial framing

    • Fly screens tuck into dedicated recess in the jamb inlay adaptor, supported with concealed nylon clips
    • Sashes will bypass each other to allow cleaning of all glass from inside the building
    • Custom heavy-duty key-lockable catch with die-cast keeper
    • Standard 30mm nailing fin jamb as illustrated left or alternative 44mm wide jamb
    • Fixed lowlights can be glazed from the inside in elevated situations by reversing the removable glazing beads and fitting a custom captive wedge to the outside
    • Nailing fin frame makes the product suitable for cavity brick and brick veneer construction
    • Matching horizontal sliding sashes into commercial framing, refer Series 452
    • Dedicated 90° and 135° corner mullions available
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    series 453 jamb narrow

    453 Commercial Double Hung Window

    With its standard 30mm jamb with built-in nailing fin/weather bar, our commercial double hung window is ideal for mounting into brick veneer walls and many other materials.

    series 453 jamb

    453 Commercial Double Hung Window

    The alternative bold 44mm wide jamb with built-in nailing fin/weather bar in 30mm and 40mm frames will accept height adjustable galvanised building-in lugs.

    series 453 lock

    453 Commercial Double Hung Window

    There is a custom lock option with a roll the handle over 180° to lock/unlock and the heavy meeting  stiles used on Series 453 double hung windows are especially sturdy.

    series 453 sill

    453 Commercial Double Hung Window

    The nailing fin sub-sill is standard on the series 453 windows making it ideal for installation into brick veneer or cavity brick wall construction.

    Specifications of the commercial double hung window


    Max Panel Height*



    Max Panel Width*



    Max Glass Thickness



    Frame Depth



    UW Range



    SHGC Range



    Maximum Water



    This product has not been acoustics tested. AWS anticipates this product's acoustic performance will be in-line with Series 514.


    *Dimensions subject to individual site conditions.
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