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Commercial sliding window installation in Western Australia


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Key Features

  • The 17mm thick sliding window sashes have been fitted into Centre GLAZE commercial™ framing using custom head and sill and an inlay adaptor that snaps into Centre GLAZE frame

  • Double sash design with the external sash fixed

  • Both fixed and opening sashes can be installed, replaced and/or re-glazed from inside the building which could be an important feature in elevated situations
    • There is a large variety of window combinations possible (SF, FS, SFS or FSSF) with and without highlights and lowlights
    • 102mm x 44mm head, sill and jamb, 44mm mullion and 44mm transom match Centre GLAZE commercial™ framing
    • Sliding sashes can be fitted with a variety of latches and locks including centre multi point lock
    • The ventilation lock allows the opening sash to be key locked in the closed and partly open (ventilation) position
    • Fly screens can be clipped into the frame without unsightly rivets, metal clips or turnbuckles
    • Sashes will accept glass up to 6.76mm thick
    • 44mm Nailing fin frame is available on Series 452 and the nailing fin is an important part of the window in that it protects the internal wall from water intrusion. The nailing fin also gives us a fixing point for stud wall construction. On cavity brick construction, the frame accepts height adjustable building-in lugs. These are the features that make installation and weather resistance readily achievable
    • The custom sub-sill fitted under Series 452 windows is available and comes with a couple of significant features
    • Integrated nailing fin to accept timber reveal
    • Co-extruded Santoprene anti blow back flap covering the sub-sill drainage slots
    • AWS recommend sub-sills under commercial products.
    452 diagram
    • Maximum panel height -  1600mm
    • Maximum panel width -  900mm
    • Maximum glass thickness -  6.76mm
    • WERS rated product
    • 3D and 2D CAD files for product
    • Specifier assistance available
    Subject to individual site conditions - Contact Nu-Look Technical Support for information.
    series 452 nail fin

    452 Commercial Sliding Window

    The 44mm Nailing Fin Frame of the commercial sliding window is also available for brick in or stud frame constructions.

    series 452 roller

    452 Commercial Sliding Window

    The large diameter wheels used on this window ensure smooth operation for years to come. Compared to others, the larger wheel diameter ensures easier sash operation.

    series 452 drainage sill

    452 Commercial Sliding Window

    Sub-sills are available on Series 452 Commercial sliding windows for enhanced weatherproofing.

    series 504 vent lock

    452 Commercial Sliding Window

    A multi-point key lock option can be fitted to the centre meeting stiles. When you turn the lock key, part of the centre meeting stile is thrown into a keeper located in the head, which means that the window can be locked closed or partly open.

    Typical door configurations

    commercial window configurations

    WERS rated

    The table below lists some of the WERS rated glass and frame combinations for this system. For a complete list of all rated glass and frame combinations refer to the Series 452 WERS Data Sheet.

    Single Glazed

    com window chart
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