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Our residential sliding window range supplied in Western Australia


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Key features

  • 50mm frame, high performance residential sliding window
  • Can be re-handed after installation
  • Opening sashes run on large diameter wheels ensuring smooth operation
    • Standard cam and key type cam handles available and located on the jamb for maximum security
    • Can be fabricated as four light sliders, sliders over sliders and fixed lights out of slider frame
    • Fixed sill has built-in drainage to take care of condensation
    • Fixed highlight/lowlight glass is hard up against the outer face, no ledges to catch dust and beaded  from the inside, allowing for re-glazing without expensive scaffolding
    • Fly screens tuck into the head and sill, held by nylon clips on the sides with no rivets
    • 102mm frame extender available
    • Numerous meeting stile combinations and weather resisting sills allow this window to be installed in most residential situations in Australia
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    series 504 rollers

    506 Residential Sliding Window

    The large diameter wheels used on this product ensure smooth operation for years to come. Our wheels are far superior to those used by other manufacturers and include our double bogey quad rollers used for heavy doors.

    series 504 slider

    506 Residential Sliding Window

    Our standard slider sill performs exceptionally well, but for exposed locations we offer a higher water resisting sump sill. This sump sill is also fitted with a proprietary anti-blowback ball valve.

    series 504 interlock

    506 Residential Sliding Window

    We also have numerous couplers for all our windows and doors, including the facility to couple sliding windows to sliding doors.

    series 504 vent lock

    506 Residential Sliding Window

    For ultimate security, we offer a central vent lock. When the key is turned, part of the stile projects into a keeper located in the head allowing the sash to be locked in closed or partly open positions.

    Specifications of the residential sliding window


    Max Panel Height*



    Max Panel Width*



    Max Glass Thickness

    6.76mm (20mm w/adaptor)


    Frame Depth



    UW Range



    SHGC Range



    Maximum Water



    7.25mm Lam

    30 (-1;-2)


    6.38mm Lam

    32 (-1;-2)

    *Dimensions subject to individual site conditions.
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