THERMALHEART™ Double Glazed Hinged Door

The ThermalHEART™ hinged door supplied and fitted in Western Australia


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Key features

    • Incorporating ThermalHEART® technology, the Series 852 delivers excellent thermal performance and is ideal for commercial and high-end residential applications.

    • The range incorporates fully beaded 50mm thick heavy-duty door stiles and rails designed to accept 24mm IGUs.
    • Door stiles have been designed to accept wide back set (34mm and 38mm) locks. The greater the back set, the easier it is to access the key.
    • Double glazed hinged doors will be heavy and for this reason we offer an adjustable heavy-duty hinge.
    • Captive co-extruded glazing wedge option reduces the chance of vandalism.
    • Available as hinged or pivot configuration with various threshold options.
    • Top and bottom rails are secured to stiles with heavy-duty spigot fixed to thick backing plate with high tensile bolts.
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    series 852 frame

    852 ThermalHEART Double Glazed Hinged Door

    Our series 852 ThermalHEART hinged door has several wide door stiles to choose from, including true French meeting stiles.

    series 852 spigot

    852 ThermalHEART Double Glazed Hinged Door

    Commercial doors are only as good as the joinery system, and the series 852 doors has custom extruded aluminium spigots and backing plates that ensure the joint between the stiles and rails stays tight.

    series 852 stile

    852 ThermalHEART Double Glazed Hinged Door

    The doors have been designed to accept a heavy adjustable hinge and screw cover plates can be removed to show the adjustment screws. 

    series 852 head

    852 ThermalHEART Double Glazed Hinged Door

    The custom thermally broken head and transom are specially designed to accept the COC cover and doors.

    Specifications of the ThermalHEART™ double glazed hinged door


    Max Panel Height



    Max Panel Width



    Max Glass Thickness



    Frame Depth



    UW Range



    SHGC Range



    Weather performance of this system will depend upon selected framing, configuration and sill.

    For more information contact AWS.


    This product has not been acoustics tested.


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